Code Synonym (Source) Canonical String (IPCMR Concept Code) IPCMR Description
8701 pneumoencephalogram (ICD9CM_2014_v32) Anatomy:BRAIN IThecalContrast:Air Modality:RG ModalityType:Ventriculography:Cerebral (2806-1565) rg brain ventriculography cerebral air ithecal (2806-1565)
8702 brain/skull contrst xray (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
other contrast radiogram of brain and skull (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
Anatomy:BRAIN Anatomy:SKULL IVContrast:W Modality:RG (0881-9956)
Anatomy:BRAIN Anatomy:SKULL Modality:RG contrst
rg brain skull w iv (0881-9956)
8703 c.a.t. scan of head (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
computerized axial tomography of head (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
Anatomy:HEAD Modality:CT (2084-2181) ct head (2084-2181)
8704 head tomography nec (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
other tomography of head (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
Anatomy:HEAD ModalityType:Tomography
8705 contrast dacryocystogram (ICD9CM_2014_v32) IVContrast:W dacryocystogram
8706 contrast radiogram of nasopharynx (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
nasophary contrast x-ray (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
Anatomy:LARYNX IPharyngealContrast:W Modality:RG (2635-9913)
IVContrast:W Modality:RG nasophary
rg larynx w ipharyngeal (2635-9913)
8707 contrast laryngogram (ICD9CM_2014_v32) IVContrast:W laryngogram
8708 cervical lymphangiogram (ICD9CM_2014_v32) Anatomy:NECK Lymphography:Yes Modality:RG (2520-3037) rg neck lymphography (2520-3037)
8709 head soft tiss x-ray nec (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
other soft tissue x-ray of face, head, and neck (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
Anatomy:FACE Anatomy:HEAD Anatomy:NECK Modality:RG Object:Tissue:Soft (0659-4526)
Anatomy:HEAD Modality:RG Object:Tissue:Soft (5069-8414)
rg face head neck tissue soft (0659-4526)
rg head tissue soft (5069-8414)
8711 full-mouth x-ray (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
full-mouth x-ray of teeth (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
Anatomy:TEETH Coverage:FullMouth Modality:RG (6527-4031) rg teeth fullmouth (6527-4031)
8712 dental x-ray nec (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
other dental x-ray (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
Modality:RG dental
8713 temporomandibular contrast arthrogram (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
tm contrast arthrogram (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
Arthrography:Yes IArticularContrast:W Modality:RF temporomandibular
Arthrography:Yes IArticularContrast:W Modality:RF tm
8714 contrast radiogram of orbit (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
contrast x-ray of orbit (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
Anatomy:ORBIT IOrbitalContrast:W Modality:RG (6999-7111) rg orbit w iorbital (6999-7111)
8715 contrast radiogram of sinus (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
contrast x-ray of sinus (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
Anatomy:PARANASALSINUS IVContrast:W Modality:RG (9085-4502) rg paranasal sinus w iv (9085-4502)
8716 facial bone x-ray nec (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
other x-ray of facial bones (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
Anatomy:FACIALBONE Modality:RG (6973-4653) rg facial bone (6973-4653)
8717 other x-ray of skull (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
skull x-ray nec (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
Anatomy:SKULL Modality:RG (3034-7426) rg skull (3034-7426)
8721 contrast myelogram (ICD9CM_2014_v32) IThecalContrast:W Myelography:Yes
8722 cervical spine x-ray nec (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
other x-ray of cervical spine (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
Anatomy:CSPINE Modality:RG (7102-3313) rg cspine (7102-3313)
8723 other x-ray of thoracic spine (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
thoracic spine x-ray nec (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
Anatomy:TSPINE Modality:RG (8755-9212) rg tspine (8755-9212)
8724 lumbosac spine x-ray nec (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
other x-ray of lumbosacral spine (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
Anatomy:LUMBOSACRALJUNCTION Modality:RG (0499-5509) rg lumbosacral junction (0499-5509)
8729 other x-ray of spine (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
spinal x-ray nec (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
Anatomy:SPINE Modality:RG (1397-6220) rg spine (1397-6220)
8731 endotracheal bronchogram (ICD9CM_2014_v32) Anatomy:BRONCHUS IBronchialContrast:W Modality:RG endotracheal
8732 contrast bronchogram nec (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
other contrast bronchogram (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
Anatomy:BRONCHUS IBronchialContrast:W Modality:RG (2091-0072) rg bronchus w ibronchial (2091-0072)
8734 intrathor lymphangiogram (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
intrathoracic lymphangiogram (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
Lymphography:Yes Modality:RG intrathor
Lymphography:Yes Modality:RG intrathoracic
8735 contr mammary ductogram (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
contrast radiogram of mammary ducts (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
Anatomy:BREAST IDuctContrast:W Modality:MG ModalityType:Ductography (8144-0942) mg breast ductography w iduct (8144-0942)
8736 breast xerography (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
xerography of breast (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
Anatomy:BREAST xerography
8737 mammography nec (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
other mammography (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
Anatomy:BREAST Modality:MG (0117-4662) mg breast (0117-4662)
8738 chest wall sinogram (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
sinogram of chest wall (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
Anatomy:CHESTWALL ITractContrast:W Modality:RG Object:Tract:FistulaOrSinus (8952-1071) rg chest wall tract fistulaorsinus w itract (8952-1071)
8739 other soft tissue x-ray of chest wall (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
thorax sft tiss xray nec (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
Anatomy:CHEST Modality:RG Object:Tissue:Soft (3307-5864)
Anatomy:CHESTWALL Modality:RG Object:Tissue:Soft (7697-3025)
rg chest tissue soft (3307-5864)
rg chest wall tissue soft (7697-3025)
8741 c.a.t. scan of thorax (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
computerized axial tomography of thorax (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
Anatomy:CHEST Modality:CT (7555-5194) ct chest (7555-5194)
8742 other tomography of thorax (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
thoracic tomography nec (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
Anatomy:CHEST ModalityType:Tomography
Anatomy:TSPINE ModalityType:Tomography
8743 rib/sternum/clavic x-ray (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
x-ray of ribs, sternum, and clavicle (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
Anatomy:CLAVICLE Anatomy:RIB Anatomy:STERNUM Modality:RG (5436-8976)
Anatomy:RIB Anatomy:STERNUM Modality:RG clavic
rg clavicle rib sternum (5436-8976)
8744 routine chest x-ray (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
routine chest x-ray, so described (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
Anatomy:CHEST Modality:RG described routine so
Anatomy:CHEST Modality:RG routine
8749 chest x-ray nec (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
other chest x-ray (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
Anatomy:CHEST Modality:RG (8948-4084) rg chest (8948-4084)
8751 perc hepat cholangiogram (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
percutaneous hepatic cholangiogram (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
Access:Percutaneous Anatomy:BILEDUCT Anatomy:LIVER Modality:RG ModalityType:Cholangiography (5346-6582)
Anatomy:BILEDUCT Modality:RG ModalityType:Cholangiography hepat perc
rg bileduct liver cholangiography percutaneous (5346-6582)
8752 intraven cholangiogram (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
intravenous cholangiogram (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
Anatomy:BILEDUCT IVContrast:W Modality:RG ModalityType:Cholangiography (1495-5186)
Anatomy:BILEDUCT Modality:RG ModalityType:Cholangiography intraven
rg bileduct cholangiography w iv (1495-5186)
8753 intraoper cholangiogram (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
intraoperative cholangiogram (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
Access:Transductal Anatomy:BILEDUCT Context:Intraoperative IDuctContrast:W Modality:RG ModalityType:Cholangiography (3890-8553)
Anatomy:BILEDUCT Modality:RG ModalityType:Cholangiography intraoper
rg bileduct cholangiography transductal intraoperative w iduct (3890-8553)
8754 cholangiogram nec (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
other cholangiogram (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
Anatomy:BILEDUCT Modality:RG ModalityType:Cholangiography (6925-9019) rg bileduct cholangiography (6925-9019)
8759 biliary tract x-ray nec (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
other biliary tract x-ray (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
Anatomy:BILEDUCT Modality:RG (8045-0934) rg bileduct (8045-0934)
8761 barium swallow (ICD9CM_2014_v32) Anatomy:ESOPHAGUS Modality:RF Motility:Yes POContrast:Barium (3709-2592) rf esophagus motility barium po (3709-2592)
8762 upper gi series (ICD9CM_2014_v32) Anatomy:DUODENUM Anatomy:ESOPHAGUS Anatomy:STOMACH Modality:RF POContrast:W (6098-0389) rf duodenum esophagus stomach w po (6098-0389)
8763 small bowel series (ICD9CM_2014_v32) Anatomy:SMALLINTESTINE Modality:RF SBContrast:W (5011-5357) rf small intestine w sb (5011-5357)
8764 lower gi series (ICD9CM_2014_v32) Anatomy:COLON Anatomy:RECTUM Modality:RF PRContrast:Barium (2925-0464) rf colon rectum barium pr (2925-0464)
8765 intestinal x-ray nec (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
other x-ray of intestine (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
Modality:RG intestinal
Modality:RG intestine
8766 contrast pancreatogram (ICD9CM_2014_v32) Anatomy:PANCREATICDUCT IDuctContrast:W Modality:RG ModalityType:Pancreatography (0891-7890) rg pancreaticduct pancreatography w iduct (0891-7890)
8769 digestive tract xray nec (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
other digestive tract x-ray (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
Modality:RG digestive tract
8771 c.a.t. scan of kidney (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
computerized axial tomography of kidney (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
Anatomy:KIDNEY Modality:CT (0864-5796) ct kidney (0864-5796)
8772 nephrotomogram nec (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
other nephrotomogram (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
Anatomy:KIDNEY Modality:RG ModalityType:Tomography (3221-2309) rg kidney tomography (3221-2309)
8773 intravenous pyelogram (ICD9CM_2014_v32) Anatomy:BLADDER Anatomy:KIDNEY Anatomy:URETER IVContrast:W Modality:RG (7852-0072) rg bladder kidney ureter w iv (7852-0072)
8774 retrograde pyelogram (ICD9CM_2014_v32) Anatomy:BLADDER Anatomy:KIDNEY Anatomy:URETER Direction:Retrograde IDuctContrast:W Modality:RG (8338-3389) rg bladder kidney ureter retrograde w iduct (8338-3389)
8775 percutaneous pyelogram (ICD9CM_2014_v32) Access:Percutaneous Anatomy:BLADDER Anatomy:KIDNEY Anatomy:URETER IDuctContrast:W Modality:RG (0863-2537) rg bladder kidney ureter percutaneous w iduct (0863-2537)
8776 retrogr cystourethrogram (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
retrograde cystourethrogram (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
Anatomy:BLADDER Anatomy:URETHRA Direction:Retrograde IVesicalContrast:W Modality:RG ModalityType:Cystography (0103-6828)
Anatomy:BLADDER Anatomy:URETHRA IVesicalContrast:W Modality:RG ModalityType:Cystography retrogr
rg bladder urethra cystography retrograde w ivesical (0103-6828)
8777 cystogram nec (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
other cystogram (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
Anatomy:BLADDER IVesicalContrast:W Modality:RG ModalityType:Cystography (3968-4210) rg bladder cystography w ivesical (3968-4210)
8779 other x-ray of the urinary system (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
urinary system x-ray nec (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
Anatomy:BLADDER Anatomy:KIDNEY Anatomy:URETER Modality:RG (4301-3453) rg bladder kidney ureter (4301-3453)
8781 x-ray of gravid uterus (ICD9CM_2014_v32) Anatomy:GRAVIDUTERUS Modality:RG (2304-1436) rg gravid uterus (2304-1436)
8782 gas contrast hysterosalpingogram (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
gas hysterosalpingogram (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
Anatomy:FALLOPIANTUBE Anatomy:UTERUS IUterineContrast:W Modality:RG gas
8783 dye hysterosalpingogram (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
opaque dye contrast hysterosalpingogram (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
Anatomy:FALLOPIANTUBE Anatomy:UTERUS IUterineContrast:W Modality:RG dye
Anatomy:FALLOPIANTUBE Anatomy:UTERUS IUterineContrast:W Modality:RG dye opaque
8784 percutaneous hysterogram (ICD9CM_2014_v32) Access:Percutaneous Anatomy:UTERUS IUterineContrast:W Modality:RG (2531-2443) rg uterus percutaneous w iuterine (2531-2443)
8785 other x-ray of fallopian tubes and uterus (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
tube & uterus x-ray nec (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
Anatomy:FALLOPIANTUBE Anatomy:UTERUS Modality:RG (2072-9537)
Anatomy:UTERUS Device:Tube Modality:RG (8238-7954)
rg fallopian tube uterus (2072-9537)
rg uterus tube (8238-7954)
8789 female genital x-ray nec (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
other x-ray of female genital organs (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
Anatomy:OVARY Anatomy:UTERUS Modality:RG (0632-4008) rg ovary uterus (0632-4008)
8791 contr semin vesiculogram (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
contrast seminal vesiculogram (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
IVContrast:W semin vesiculogram
IVContrast:W seminal vesiculogram
8792 other x-ray of prostate and seminal vesicles (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
prostat/sem ves xray nec (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
Anatomy:PROSTATE Anatomy:SEMINALVESICLE Modality:RG (0768-6699)
Anatomy:VESSEL Modality:RG prostat sem
rg prostate seminalvesicle (0768-6699)
8793 contrast epididymogram (ICD9CM_2014_v32) IVContrast:W epididymogram
8794 contrast vasogram (ICD9CM_2014_v32) IVContrast:W vasogram
8795 epididymis/vas x-ray nec (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
other x-ray of epididymis and vas deferens (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
Anatomy:EPIDIDYMIS Modality:RG deferens vas
Anatomy:EPIDIDYMIS Modality:RG vas
8799 male genital x-ray nec (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
other x-ray of male genital organs (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
Anatomy:PROSTATE Anatomy:SEMINALVESICLE Anatomy:VASDEFERENS Modality:RG (4937-3143) rg prostate seminalvesicle vasdeferens (4937-3143)
8801 c.a.t. scan of abdomen (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
computerized axial tomography of abdomen (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
Anatomy:ABDOMEN Modality:CT (6009-9981) ct abdomen (6009-9981)
8802 abdominal tomography nec (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
other abdomen tomography (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
Anatomy:ABDOMEN ModalityType:Tomography
8803 abdominal wall sinogram (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
sinogram of abdominal wall (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
Anatomy:ABDOMENWALL ITractContrast:W Modality:RG Object:Tract:FistulaOrSinus (7006-8996) rg abdomen wall tract fistulaorsinus w itract (7006-8996)
8804 abdominal lymphangiogram (ICD9CM_2014_v32) Anatomy:ABDOMEN Lymphography:Yes Modality:RG (0590-4274) rg abdomen lymphography (0590-4274)
8809 abdominal wall x-ray nec (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
other soft tissue x-ray of abdominal wall (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
Anatomy:ABDOMENWALL Modality:RG (7847-0811)
Anatomy:ABDOMENWALL Modality:RG Object:Tissue:Soft (7475-0877)
rg abdomen wall (7847-0811)
rg abdomen wall tissue soft (7475-0877)
8811 pelvic dye contrast xray (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
pelvic opaque dye contrast radiography (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
Anatomy:PELVIS IVContrast:W Modality:RG dye
Anatomy:PELVIS IVContrast:W Modality:RG dye opaque
8812 pelvic gas contrast radiography (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
pelvic gas contrast xray (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
Anatomy:PELVIS IVContrast:W Modality:RG gas
8813 other peritoneal pneumogram (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
periton pneumogram nec (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
Anatomy:PERITONEALCAVITY pneumogram
periton pneumogram
8814 retroperiton fistulogram (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
retroperitoneal fistulogram (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
Anatomy:RETROPERITONEUM ITractContrast:W Modality:RG Object:Tract:FistulaOrSinus (8230-8339)
ITractContrast:W Modality:RG Object:Tract:FistulaOrSinus retroperiton
rg retroperitoneum tract fistulaorsinus w itract (8230-8339)
8815 retroperiton pneumogram (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
retroperitoneal pneumogram (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
Anatomy:RETROPERITONEUM pneumogram
8816 other retroperitoneal x-ray (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
retroperitoneal xray nec (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
Anatomy:RETROPERITONEUM Modality:RG (9389-1361) rg retroperitoneum (9389-1361)
8819 abdominal x-ray nec (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
other x-ray of abdomen (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
Anatomy:ABDOMEN Modality:RG (3741-4903) rg abdomen (3741-4903)
8821 skeletal x-ray of shoulder and upper arm (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
skl xray-shoulder/up arm (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
Anatomy:SHOULDER Anatomy:UPPERARM Modality:RG skeletal
Anatomy:SHOULDER Anatomy:UPPERARM Modality:RG skl
8822 skel xray-elbow/forearm (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
skeletal x-ray of elbow and forearm (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
Anatomy:ELBOW Anatomy:FOREARM Modality:RG skeletal
8823 skel xray-wrist & hand (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
skeletal x-ray of wrist and hand (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
Anatomy:HAND Anatomy:WRIST Modality:RG skeletal
8824 skel xray-upper limb nos (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
skeletal x-ray of upper limb, not otherwise specified (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
Anatomy:UPPEREXTREMITY Modality:RG skeletal
8825 pelvimetry (ICD9CM_2014_v32) Anatomy:PELVIS Context:Obsteric Modality:RG Reason:Measurement (5467-1564) rg pelvis obsteric measurement (5467-1564)
8826 other skeletal x-ray of pelvis and hip (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
skel xray-pelvis/hip nec (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
Anatomy:HIP Anatomy:PELVIS Modality:RG skeletal
8827 skel xray-thigh/knee/leg (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
skeletal x-ray of thigh, knee, and lower leg (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
Anatomy:KNEE Anatomy:LEG Anatomy:THIGH Modality:RG skeletal
Anatomy:KNEE Anatomy:LOWERLEG Anatomy:THIGH Modality:RG skeletal
8828 skel xray-ankle & foot (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
skeletal x-ray of ankle and foot (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
Anatomy:ANKLE Anatomy:FOOT Modality:RG skeletal
8829 skel xray-lower limb nos (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
skeletal x-ray of lower limb, not otherwise specified (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
Anatomy:LOWEREXTREMITY Modality:RG skeletal
8831 skeletal series (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
skeletal series x-ray (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
Modality:RG series skeletal
8832 contrast arthrogram (ICD9CM_2014_v32) Arthrography:Yes IArticularContrast:W Modality:RF (3045-3951) rf arthrography w iarticular (3045-3951)
8833 other skeletal x-ray (ICD9CM_2014_v32) Modality:RG skeletal
8834 lymphangiogram of upper limb (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
upper limb lymphangiogrm (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
Anatomy:UPPEREXTREMITY Lymphography:Yes Modality:RG (0793-0110)
Anatomy:UPPEREXTREMITY lymphangiogrm
rg upper extremity lymphography (0793-0110)
8835 other soft tissue x-ray of upper limb (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
up limb sft tis xray nec (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
Anatomy:UPPEREXTREMITY Modality:RG Object:Tissue:Soft (9117-0940)
Anatomy:EXTREMITY Modality:RG Object:Tissue:Soft up
rg upper extremity tissue soft (9117-0940)
8836 lower limb lymphangiogrm (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
lymphangiogram of lower limb (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
Anatomy:LOWEREXTREMITY Lymphography:Yes Modality:RG (9373-9749)
Anatomy:LOWEREXTREMITY lymphangiogrm
rg lower extremity lymphography (9373-9749)
8837 lo limb sft tis xray nec (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
other soft tissue x-ray of lower limb (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
Anatomy:LOWEREXTREMITY Modality:RG Object:Tissue:Soft (1267-9643)
Anatomy:EXTREMITY Modality:RG Object:Tissue:Soft lo
rg lower extremity tissue soft (1267-9643)
8838 other c.a.t. scan (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
other computerized axial tomography (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
Modality:CT (2844-6527) ct (2844-6527)
8839 x-ray nec and nos (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
x-ray, other and unspecified (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
Modality:RG (7068-5799) rg (7068-5799)
8840 arteriography using contrast material, unspecified site (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
contrast arteriogram nos (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
Angio:Arteriography Modality:XA (9033-6423) xa arteriography (9033-6423)
8841 arteriography of cerebral arteries (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
contr cerebr arteriogram (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
Anatomy:CEREBRALARTERY Angio:Arteriography Modality:XA (6801-4531)
Angio:Arteriography Modality:XA cerebr
xa cerebral artery arteriography (6801-4531)
8842 aortography (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
contrast aortogram (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
Anatomy:AORTA Angio:Arteriography Modality:XA (0399-6116) xa aorta arteriography (0399-6116)
8843 arteriography of pulmonary arteries (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
contr pulmon arteriogram (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
Anatomy:PULMONARYARTERY Angio:Arteriography Modality:XA (4215-0019)
Angio:Arteriography Modality:XA pulmon
xa pulmonary artery arteriography (4215-0019)
8844 arteriography of other intrathoracic vessels (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
contr thor arteriogr nec (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
Anatomy:INTRATHORACICVESSEL Angio:Arteriography Modality:XA (0750-2088)
Angio:Arteriography Modality:XA thor
xa intra thoracic vessel arteriography (0750-2088)
8845 arteriography of renal arteries (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
contrast renal arteriogr (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
Anatomy:KIDNEY Angio:Arteriography Modality:XA (0536-0610)
Anatomy:RENALARTERY Angio:Arteriography Modality:XA (3367-0811)
xa kidney arteriography (0536-0610)
xa renal artery arteriography (3367-0811)
8846 arteriography of placenta (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
contrast placentogram (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
Anatomy:PLACENTA Angio:Arteriography Modality:XA (2015-3997)
IVContrast:W placentogram
xa placenta arteriography (2015-3997)
8847 arteriography of other intra-abdominal arteries (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
contr abd arteriogrm nec (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
Anatomy:ABDOMINALARTERY Angio:Arteriography Modality:XA (3052-4253)
Anatomy:ABDOMEN IVContrast:W arteriogrm
xa abdominal artery arteriography (3052-4253)
8848 arteriography of femoral and other lower extremity arteries (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
contrast arteriogram-leg (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
Anatomy:FEMORALVESSEL Anatomy:LOWEREXTREMITYARTERY Angio:Arteriography Modality:XA (0259-2442)
Anatomy:LEG Angio:Arteriography Modality:XA (1014-6240)
xa femoral vessel lower extremity artery arteriography (0259-2442)
xa leg arteriography (1014-6240)
8849 arteriography of other specified sites (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
contrast arteriogram nec (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
Angio:Arteriography Modality:XA (9033-6423) xa arteriography (9033-6423)
8850 angiocardiography nos (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
angiocardiography, not otherwise specified (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
Anatomy:HEART Angio:Arteriography Modality:XA (5719-4738) xa heart arteriography (5719-4738)
8851 angiocardiography of venae cavae (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
vena cav angiocardiogram (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
Anatomy:HEART Angio:Arteriography Modality:XA cavae venae
8852 angiocardiography of right heart structures (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
rt heart angiocardiogram (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
Anatomy:HEART:Right Angio:Arteriography Modality:XA structures
Anatomy:HEART:Right angiocardiogram
8853 angiocardiography of left heart structures (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
lt heart angiocardiogram (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
Anatomy:HEART:Left Angio:Arteriography Modality:XA structures
Anatomy:HEART:Left angiocardiogram
8854 combined right and left heart angiocardiography (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
rt & lt heart angiocard (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
Anatomy:HEART Anatomy:LEFTANDRIGHTHEART Angio:Arteriography Modality:XA (4544-1685)
Anatomy:HEART:Left angiocard rt
xa heart leftandrightheart arteriography (4544-1685)
8855 coronar arteriogr-1 cath (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
coronary arteriography using a single catheter (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
Anatomy:CORONARYARTERY Angio:Arteriography Device:Catheter:One Modality:XA (1480-2287) xa coronary artery arteriography catheter one (1480-2287)
8856 coronar arteriogr-2 cath (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
coronary arteriography using two catheters (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
Anatomy:CORONARYARTERY Angio:Arteriography Device:Catheter:Two Modality:XA (1957-6383) xa coronary artery arteriography catheter two (1957-6383)
8857 coronary arteriogram nec (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
other and unspecified coronary arteriography (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
Anatomy:CORONARYARTERY Angio:Arteriography Modality:XA (0167-6158) xa coronary artery arteriography (0167-6158)
8858 negative-contrast cardiac roentgenography (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
negatve-contr cardiogram (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
Anatomy:HEART IVContrast:W Modality:RG negative
IVContrast:W cardiogram negatve
8859 intra-operative coronary fluorescence vascular angiography (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
intraop cor flr vas angi (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
Anatomy:CORONARYARTERY Angio:Arteriography Context:Intraoperative Modality:XA fluorescence vascular
Context:Intraoperative Modality:RF angi cor vas
8860 contrast phlebogram nos (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
phlebography using contrast material, unspecified site (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
Angio:Venography Modality:XA (6726-8793) xa venography (6726-8793)
8861 contr phlebogram-hd/neck (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
phlebography of veins of head and neck using contrast material (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
Anatomy:HEAD Anatomy:NECK Angio:Venography Modality:XA (5864-2045)
Anatomy:HEADVEIN Anatomy:NECK Angio:Venography Modality:XA (7807-8330)
xa head neck venography (5864-2045)
xa head vein neck venography (7807-8330)
8862 contr phlebogram-pulmon (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
phlebography of pulmonary veins using contrast material (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
Anatomy:PULMONARYVEIN Angio:Venography Modality:XA (2755-8416)
Angio:Venography Modality:XA pulmon
xa pulmonary vein venography (2755-8416)
8863 phlebography of other intrathoracic veins using contrast material (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
thorac contr phlebog nec (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
Anatomy:INTRATHORACICVEIN Angio:Venography Modality:XA (3433-1554)
IVContrast:W phlebog thorac
xa intra thoracic vein venography (3433-1554)
8864 phlebography of the portal venous system using contrast material (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
portal contr phlebogram (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
Anatomy:PORTALVEIN Angio:Venography Modality:XA (7309-9209)
Angio:Venography Modality:XA portal
xa portal vein venography (7309-9209)
8865 abd contr phlebogram nec (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
phlebography of other intra-abdominal veins using contrast material (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
Anatomy:ABDOMEN Angio:Venography Modality:XA (2356-9881)
Anatomy:ABDOMINALVEIN Angio:Venography Modality:XA (9695-1672)
xa abdomen venography (2356-9881)
xa abdominal vein venography (9695-1672)
8866 contrast phlebogram-leg (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
phlebography of femoral and other lower extremity veins using contrast material (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
Anatomy:LEG Angio:Venography Modality:XA (9546-0387)
Anatomy:LOWEREXTREMITYVEIN Angio:Venography Modality:XA (0827-5876)
xa leg venography (9546-0387)
xa lower extremity vein venography (0827-5876)
8867 contrast phlebogram nec (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
phlebography of other specified sites using contrast material (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
Angio:Venography Modality:XA (6726-8793) xa venography (6726-8793)
8868 impedance phlebogram (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
impedance phlebography (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
Angio:Venography Modality:XA impedance
8871 diagnostic ultrasound of head and neck (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
dx ultrasound-head/neck (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
Anatomy:HEAD Anatomy:NECK Context:Diagnostic Modality:US (0984-0429) us head neck diagnostic (0984-0429)
8872 diagnostic ultrasound of heart (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
dx ultrasound-heart (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
Anatomy:HEART Context:Diagnostic Modality:US (4747-5309) us heart diagnostic (4747-5309)
8873 diagnostic ultrasound of other sites of thorax (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
dx ultrasound-thorax nec (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
Anatomy:CHEST Context:Diagnostic Modality:US (9488-3654) us chest diagnostic (9488-3654)
8874 diagnostic ultrasound of digestive system (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
dx ultrasound-digestive (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
Context:Diagnostic Modality:US digestive
Context:Diagnostic Modality:US digestive system
8875 diagnostic ultrasound of urinary system (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
dx ultrasound-urinary (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
Anatomy:BLADDER Anatomy:KIDNEY Anatomy:URETER Context:Diagnostic Modality:US (7165-2141)
Context:Diagnostic Modality:US urinary
us bladder kidney ureter diagnostic (7165-2141)
8876 diagnostic ultrasound of abdomen and retroperitoneum (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
dx ultrasound-abdomen (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
Anatomy:ABDOMEN Anatomy:RETROPERITONEUM Context:Diagnostic Modality:US (4617-8765)
Anatomy:ABDOMEN Context:Diagnostic Modality:US (1130-6492)
us abdomen diagnostic (1130-6492)
us abdomen retroperitoneum diagnostic (4617-8765)
8877 diagnostic ultrasound of peripheral vascular system (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
dx ultrasound-vascular (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
Anatomy:EXTREMITYVESSEL Context:Diagnostic Modality:US system
Context:Diagnostic Modality:US vascular
8878 diagnostic ultrasound of gravid uterus (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
dx ultrasound-grav uter (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
Anatomy:GRAVIDUTERUS Context:Diagnostic Modality:US (0828-2910)
Context:Diagnostic Modality:US grav uter
us gravid uterus diagnostic (0828-2910)
8879 dx ultrasound nec (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
other diagnostic ultrasound (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
Context:Diagnostic Modality:US (3645-1013) us diagnostic (3645-1013)
8881 cerebral thermography (ICD9CM_2014_v32) Anatomy:BRAIN Modality:TG (5006-7815) tg brain (5006-7815)
8882 ocular thermography (ICD9CM_2014_v32) Modality:TG ocular
8883 bone thermography (ICD9CM_2014_v32) Anatomy:SKELETON Modality:TG (1026-5237) tg skeleton (1026-5237)
8884 muscle thermography (ICD9CM_2014_v32) Modality:TG muscle
8885 breast thermography (ICD9CM_2014_v32) Anatomy:BREAST Modality:TG (0717-0158) tg breast (0717-0158)
8886 blood vessel thermograph (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
blood vessel thermography (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
Anatomy:VESSEL Modality:TG (5348-8446)
Anatomy:VESSEL thermograph
tg vessel (5348-8446)
8889 thermography nec (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
thermography of other sites (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
Modality:TG (8985-8432) tg (8985-8432)
8890 diagnostic imaging nos (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
diagnostic imaging, not elsewhere classified (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
Context:Diagnostic classified elsewhere not
8891 magnetic resonance imaging of brain and brain stem (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
mri of brain & brainstem (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
Anatomy:BRAIN Anatomy:BRAINSTEM Modality:MR (4622-7823) mr brain brainstem (4622-7823)
8892 magnetic resonance imaging of chest and myocardium (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
mri chest & heart (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
Anatomy:CHEST Anatomy:HEART Modality:MR (9858-8141)
Anatomy:CHEST Anatomy:MYOCARDIUM Modality:MR (1318-6473)
mr chest heart (9858-8141)
mr chest myocardium (1318-6473)
8893 magnetic resonance imaging of spinal canal (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
mri spinal canal (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
Anatomy:SPINE Modality:MR (8265-1456) mr spine (8265-1456)
8894 magnetic resonance imaging of musculoskeletal (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
mri musculoskeletal (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
Modality:MR musculoskeletal
8895 magnetic resonance imaging of pelvis, prostate, and bladder (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
mri pelvis,prostate,blad (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
Anatomy:BLADDER Anatomy:PELVIS Anatomy:PROSTATE Modality:MR (1943-7560)
Modality:MR pelvisprostateblad
mr bladder pelvis prostate (1943-7560)
8896 oth intraop mag res imag (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
other intraoperative magnetic resonance imaging (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
Context:Intraoperative Modality:MR (2279-5106)
Context:Intraoperative imag mag res
mr intraoperative (2279-5106)
8897 magnetic res image unsp (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
magnetic resonance imaging of other and unspecified sites (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
Modality:MR (4191-0089) mr (4191-0089)
8898 bone mineral density (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
bone mineral density studies (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
9201 thyroid scan and radioisotope function studies (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
thyroid scan/isotop func (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
Anatomy:THYROID Function Modality:NM (4769-9938)
Anatomy:THYROID Modality:NM func isotop
nm thyroid function (4769-9938)
9202 liver scan and radioisotope function study (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
liver scan/isotope funct (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
Anatomy:LIVER Function Modality:NM (5727-7027)
Anatomy:LIVER Modality:NM funct
nm liver function (5727-7027)
9203 renal scan and radioisotope function study (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
renal scan/isotope funct (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
Anatomy:KIDNEY Function Modality:NM (4188-7261)
Anatomy:KIDNEY Modality:NM funct
nm kidney function (4188-7261)
9204 gastrointestinal scan and radioisotope function study (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
gi scan & isotope funct (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
Function Modality:NM gastrointestinal
Modality:NM funct gastrointestinal
9205 c-vasc scan/isotop funct (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
cardiovascular and hematopoietic scan and radioisotope function study (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
Function Modality:NM cardiovascular hematopoietic
Modality:NM c funct isotop vasc
9209 other isotope function (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
other radioisotope function studies (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
Function Modality:NM (8126-2337) nm function (8126-2337)
9211 cerebral scan (ICD9CM_2014_v32) Anatomy:BRAIN Modality:NM (3350-0327) nm brain (3350-0327)
9212 head scan nec (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
scan of other sites of head (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
Anatomy:HEAD Modality:NM (4299-6105) nm head (4299-6105)
9213 parathyroid scan (ICD9CM_2014_v32) Anatomy:PARATHYROID Modality:NM (8356-2999) nm parathyroid (8356-2999)
9214 bone scan (ICD9CM_2014_v32) IVRadiopharmaceutical:Bone Modality:NM (4353-5050) nm bone iv (4353-5050)
9215 pulmonary scan (ICD9CM_2014_v32) Anatomy:LUNG Modality:NM (9596-7820) nm lung (9596-7820)
9216 lymphatic system scan (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
scan of lymphatic system (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
Modality:NM lymphatic system
9217 placental scan (ICD9CM_2014_v32) Modality:NM placental
9218 total body scan (ICD9CM_2014_v32) Anatomy:BODY Coverage:Whole Modality:NM (7881-4605) nm body whole (7881-4605)
9219 scan of other sites (ICD9CM_2014_v32) Modality:NM (1921-3976) nm (1921-3976)
9220 inf liquid brachy isotop (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
infusion of liquid brachytherapy radioisotope (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
Guidance:Brachytherapy Modality:NM PharmacologicalIntervention:W liquid
9224 teleradio using photons (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
teleradiotherapy using photons (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
photons teleradio
photons teleradiotherapy
9225 electron teleradiotherap (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
teleradiotherapy using electrons (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
electrons teleradiotherapy
9226 particul teleradioth nec (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
teleradiotherapy of other particulate radiation (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
particul teleradioth
particulate radiation teleradiotherapy
9227 implantation or insertion of radioactive elements (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
radioactive elem implant (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
Guidance:Insert Modality:NM elements implantation
Modality:NM elem implant
9228 injection or instillation of radioisotopes (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
isotope inject/instill (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
Guidance:Inject Modality:RF instillation radioisotopes
Modality:NM inject instill
9229 other radiotherapeutic procedure (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
radiotherapeut proc nec (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
9230 stereo radiosurgery nos (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
stereotactic radiosurgery, not otherwise specified (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
Guidance:Stereotactic Modality:RF radiosurgery
radiosurgery stereo
9231 sing source radiosurgery (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
single source photon radiosurgery (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
ObjectCount:1 photon radiosurgery source
ObjectCount:1 radiosurgery source
9232 multi-source photon radiosurgery (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
multisource radiosurgery (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
ObjectCount:2OrMore photon radiosurgery source
9239 stereo radiosurgery nec (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
stereotactic radiosurgery, not elsewhere classified (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
Guidance:Stereotactic Modality:RF classified elsewhere not radiosurgery
radiosurgery stereo
9241 intra-op electron rad rx (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
intra-operative electron radiation therapy (ICD9CM_2014_v32)
Context:Intraoperative electron rad rx
Context:Intraoperative electron radiation